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You are probably here because you have been injured by someone else’s negligence, your medical bills are growing, you are in pain, and / or the insurance company is being completely unreasonable. You know you need an attorney, but how can you choose the best one to represent you?

  1. EXPERIENCE: Choose a firm like Joannou & Associates that has an experienced attorney and an experienced staff. Richard Roston has been practicing law for over 19-1/2 years since passing the Virginia State Bar in 1997, and he has tried a large number of cases all over Tidewater in General District Court and Circuit Court. Mr. Roston started out as a defense attorney hired by the insurance companies, so he has the advantage of knowing how the insurance company adjusters review a case. Director of Operations Sam Coco has been working with personal injury cases for over 22 years. Paralegal Laura Staylor has been working as a paralegal for 43 years, Paralegal Erica Madeira has been working as a paralegal for 14 years, and Legal Secretary Sharon Ward has been working as a legal secretary for 10 years. Experience matters, and Joannou & Associates has the experience you need.
  2. SUCCESS: Choose an attorney who has been successful like Richard Roston of Joannou & Associates. There is no way to predict the results of any case but you should choose a lawyer who has demonstrated they can successfully handle cases like yours. Mr. Roston has tried or settled cases totaling millions of dollars.
  3. WILLING TO TRY A CASE: Choose an attorney like Richard Roston of Joannou & Associates who is willing to take your case to trial if necessary. There are many personal injury attorneys who resist trying a case. The insurance companies know which lawyers do not like to try cases, and they know those lawyers will often accept less than full value to settle a case because they do not want to take the case to trial. Mr. Roston is an experienced trial attorney with a well-deserved reputation for taking cases to trial if the insurance company refuses to make a fair offer to settle the case.
  4. TREATING YOU WITH COURTESY AND RESPECT: Choose a firm like Joannou & Associates that is committed to treating you with courtesy and respect. If we are unable to speak with you when you call, we will make every effort to call you back as soon as possible. Our experienced staff knows how to answer your questions and help you with your case, and you will always speak to a person instead of a computer menu.
  5. HONESTY AND INTEGRITY: Choose a firm that will speak with you directly and honestly and that always acts with integrity. At Joannou & Associates, you will speak with someone who is familiar with your case and will always be honest with you.

Choose the right personal injury attorney. Choose Joannou & Associates! Contact us today for legal help.



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