Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend

Insurance companies are not your friend and the Insurance Company adjuster is not your friend. No matter how friendly the adjuster seems to be, they are trying to have their company pay you as little as possible for your injuries regardless of how badly you are injured. No adjuster ever gets a bonus for paying you what you deserve.

One trick the insurance companies use is to have a very friendly and sympathetic adjuster contact you as soon as possible after the accident occurs. This adjuster will act like your friend and probably claim they are just trying to help you get your case resolved and to get you some money as quickly as possible. They may even tell you that you do not need to be represented by a lawyer because the insurance company will deal fairly with you and you can handle your claim by yourself.

This friendly and sympathetic insurance adjuster will make an offer that sounds reasonable and is very tempting with the hope that you will accept it before you even know how badly you are hurt or have any idea what your case might be worth. For example, an adjuster may offer to pay for your emergency room bill and give you an additional few hundred dollars for your pain, suffering and inconvenience. If you accept, they will quickly send you a release and a check. If you sign the release and cash the check, your case is settled.

The Truth About Insurance Companies

The truth is that the insurance company wants you to settle before you know how badly you are hurt and before you learn from an attorney what your case may be worth. People often do not know how badly they are injured until days, weeks, or sometimes months following an accident. Most people will feel worse a day or several days after an accident. You may think you just have some sore muscles, and the emergency room doctor may tell you that nothing is fractured, but your pain may turn out to be caused by a more serious injury.

When involved in an accident, it is not uncommon to experience a worsening of pain several days later, and you may need to get further treatment including medications, injections, physical therapy, or possibly surgery. Your pain may not resolve quickly, and sometimes your pain may not resolve at all. If you have accepted the insurance company’s offer, signed the release, and accepted the payment, then your case is over and you will be unable to seek compensation for the serious injuries you have suffered.

If Insurance Companies Are Not Your Friend, What Can You Do To Protect Yourself?

First, remember that the adjuster is trying to help the insurance company and is not trying to help you, and they are just attempting to settle the claim for as little as possible with no regard for what is fair. Do not even consider any offer from an insurance adjuster until you are certain you are fully recovered from and have completed the treatment for the injuries you suffered in the accident. And do not consider any offer from an insurance adjuster without discussing your case with Joannou & Associates.



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